A platform for information exchange at an expert level.

logo_greenarubaGreen Aruba conference was created in 2010 as a result of the vision of the Prime Minister of Aruba, Mike Eman, for a green and sustainable Aruba, where sun, wind and ocean are naturally abundant. Every year a platform is set for information exchange at an expert level. It is also the purpose that goals achieved from the previous year are showcased and new objectives set are communicated.

In 2012, at Rio+20, Aruba entered into a strategic partnership with Carbon War Room, the foundation established by Sir Richard Branson, to assist Aruba to 100% fossil fuel independence by the year 2020. That same year, Smart Community in Kibaima was also launched – a housing community consisting of 20 fully sustainable homes. The Government of Aruba and NV Elmar announced to allow distributed generation, thus allowing consumers to sell energy back to the grid. These milestones are setting the foundation for private businesses and consumers to contribute to alternative energy use and an increased sustainable present and future for Aruba.


In 2013 the Green Aruba Conference was presented jointly with the prestigious Caribbean Regional Energy Forum (CREF). With Green Aruba’s 5th anniversary in October 2014, it was fundamental to focus on the next steps to achieving Aruba’s 2020 Vision. With this in mind, Green Aruba, for the first time, was merged with the Europe Meets the Americas Conference (EMA) to form GA-EMA 2014, attracting companies, government officials, and investors from Europe, Latin America and the larger Caribbean region. The focus was on sustainable solutions including energy, technology, infrastructure and tourism, and herewith building the Green Gateway.

“Aruba is uniquely suited to try this alternative. And I think we will succeed. And it’s not ‘if’ we will succeed, it’s that we ‘have’ to succeed as there isn’t another alternative.”

Principal Engineer at NASA



“Aruba can become a shining example of a successful transformation to a low carbon economy and eliminate the use of all fossil fuels by the year 2020 – I believe we can develop what I would call ‘the Aruba way’: a new type of development, very inclusive in terms of community involvement, very forward thinking in terms of its objectives and its vision to a low carbon economy. And at the same time, very cutting edge with respect to technologies we have today to move in that direction.”


“If you want to go far, go together.”


The vision by stakeholders for a cleaner environment and a more sustainable way of living became the mission for the power and water production and distribution companies on the island. With this new vision, the challenging strategy of becoming increasingly independent of fossil fuels by seeking more efficiency on both supply and demand side while simultaneously introducing more renewable energy penetration became a reality. This was only made possible by adopting a framework where the balance between Reliability and Sustainability could be implemented while maintaining Affordability. This RAS framework seeks the right balance between Reliable and Sustainable investments in power production and distribution, but this balance can only be acquired if the Affordability of water and power tariffs is kept stable.

Last year the “MEI”, macro-economic impact component, was added to the RAS framework, to further enhance sustainability to the Aruban economy. Utilities Aruba NV continuously plays a key role in the transition towards the use of alternative energy sources and to reach Aruba’s sustainability goals. Utilities Aruba NV is a private 100% state-owned company that acts as the liaison between the stakeholders and its subsidiaries WEB Aruba NV and NV Elmar.

“To implement a green or renewable energy policy, we need to create momentum and awareness. It is not only wind turbines and solar panels, but it is a way of thinking as well.”