'The Creation of Sustainable Prosperity in Aruba' (Full PDF)

ArubaVision2-100 Aruba seeks a balance between the vital dimensions of quality of life and sustained
economic growth: what Aruba views as sustainable prosperity. Download the full PDF of the Vision of Prime Minister Mike Eman ‘The Creation of Sustainable Prosperity in Aruba’.

'The Green Deck' (Full PDF)

Green Deck Aruba In Aruba, we are looking forward to achieving our first Green Hour of electricity completely generated by renewable energy, and then our first Green Day, Green Week and so on until we have achieved our ultimate goal. M.G. Eman, Prime Minister of Aruba.

'Aruba Island of Sustainable Solutions' (Full PDF)

As the Government of Aruba and its partners work to achieve our vision of sustainable and shared prosperity in Aruba, we hope that we can become a model for other similar island nations around the world to become sustainable societies.

Towards a Sustainable Prosperity

Ultimately, our prosperity is about more than just material pleasures. It extends beyond material interests and resides in the quality of our lives and in the health and happiness of our families. It is in the strength of our relationships and our trust in the community. It appears from the satisfaction we experience in our work and in our sense of shared purpose and destination. It all depends on our ability to participate fully in the life of society. Sustainable prosperity consists in our ability to flourish as human beings – within the ecological limits of a finite planet. The challenge for our society is to create the conditions under which this is possible.

Prosperity arrives when people can come into their own and thrive; achieving a greater social cohesion and a better level of well-being, while still limiting the damage to the environment. It is imperative to realize each owns individual desires in good harmony with the shared responsibility for others and the community.

Our first challenge is connecting more prosperity with a greater quality of life. This is what we mean by a sustainable prosperity and why we are encouraging it.