WEB Aruba and Temporal Power have literally broken the ground for the installation of a 5MW flywheel energy storage system on the island of Aruba. The installation is the first of its kind in Aruba and will support the country’s key initiatives in renewable energy.
Aruba has committed to a goal of being one hundred percent renewable by 2020 and has made significant progress with wind, solar and waste to gas generation already installed. The flywheel storage will ensure greater flexibility and resilience to the grid while simultaneously decreasing the amount of fossil fuel burned as part of energy production.
“In our endeavor to create a sustainable society, the shift to a fully renewable grid is one of Aruba’s top priorities. To meet this goal, we will need to continue our leading thinking at WEB and leverage innovative technologies like Temporal Power’s flywheels,” said Mike Eman, Prime Minister of Aruba.
The 5MW storage project, consisting of an underground facility with twenty flywheels is expected to be phase one of a two-phase project. Phase two is expected to add another 5MW of storage when the next wind farm will be in place. By staging the addition of energy storage with the increasing penetration of renewable energy, WEB will be able to maintain high quality electrical service to its customers while also decreasing the island’s reliance on costly and environmentally harmful fossil fuels.
“Temporal’s flywheel storage technology is ideally suited to our needs on Aruba. The technology is made from recycled steel with no toxic chemicals or disposal issues and is able to meet the demands of the Aruban grid without any degradation over its twenty year design life,” said Luis Oduber, WEB Aruba’s Managing Director. He added that the first flywheel will be spinning at the end of the first quarter of next year, while the whole project will be finished within a year from now.
“Aruba is a global leader in their conversion to a sustainable energy system. Temporal Power is excited to have such a good partner to work with on a project which will help demonstrate globally that sustainable energy systems can be achieved economically and reliably” said Eric Murray, CEO of Temporal Power, adding, “This excellent example of Ontario’s leadership and support for energy storage is turning into collaboration opportunities that positively impact quality of life and the environment.”


PMO Staff