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Acting in Collaborative Partnership for the SDGs

In the months of January and February 2017, the governmental SDG Committee held several stakeholder workshops with the public sector, private sector and NGOs. The workshops were held to kick-start awareness on the Goals and Targets and do a preliminary as


Repsol is going to drill for gas

Exploratory drilling in order to find natural gas will commence within 2.5 years in at least one location north of Aruba. The consortium of Repsol and Total, that is searching for gas under the sea around Aruba, has decided to enter fase three of the pro

The future of OCTA, part III

What should the partnership between the EU and the Overseas Countries and Territories be like after 2020 when the Cotonou Agreement expires? That was the main theme of the Europe House Lecture  that was held in October. The Europe House Lecture is an ann


Aruba signs MoU with Tesla

Renowned alternative energy company Tesla is going to provide Aruba with energy storage systems that will enable the island to reach the goal of complete sustainable production of energy by 2020. Greg Callman, currently leading global business development


Centre of Excellence Working Towards One Happy Planet

Representatives of about thirty small island developing states (SIDS) attended last week’s training on Aruba to learn about roadmaps for sustainable development. It was organized by the Centre of Excellence to help them towards a sustainable future.  D


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